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Handling Primrose

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The first thing with handling a large mammal who is unfamiliar with humans, is that you work on yourself to ensure that you are relaxed and not frightened. If you look at Chris in this video, he is a little tense to start with, but soon relaxes. For the last 6 weeks every now and then we have been handling Primrose, although before she came she had not been touched and was very wild. Now you see she is quite relaxed about being handled quietly even when lying down.. a sure sign of confidence in the handler. We talk to the animal being handled, using simple phrases and saying what we are doing and what the animal is doing, so that they can begin to listen and comprehend words and phrases…. this makes things very much easier when you want to lead them, milk them or do anything else.  Chris is talking to her although you may not hear. The next blog we will show her being led around and you can start to see what sort of character she has perhaps. In a few weeks she will be calving and we will be teaching her to be milked, but she will be with her calf, we do not separate the cow from her calf… motherhood is important as we all know for her, and being mothered for the calf. But we need her quiet and familiar with us and what we are doing to ensure that all goes well. 

Marthe Kiley-Worthington


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