Cranscombe Cleave Ecological Farm & Druimghigha Stud

Open Day – 15th August 2023, 1pm-6pm

Cranscombe Cleave Ecological Farm/Stud, Garden and Re-Wilding Project

Brendon EX35 6PU

Tel: 01598 741 1111

2.30pm Introductory Talk on what we have achieved and want to achieve

3.00pm Farm & Garden Walk and Discussion

What is Ecological Agriculture?

Animal Welfare & Farming

What is a Garden?

Biodiversity and the Future of Agriculture

Providing a Life Of Quality & Retaining Animal Partners & Employees

4pm Tea and Scones

4.30pm Dances by the Druimghigha Stud Horses

Free School Waltz with Stallion & Mares Ridden

Andante with Druimghigha Shatish


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