Cranscombe Cleave Ecological Farm & Druimghigha Stud

Druimghigha Stud

The Druimghigha Stud was founded in 1959 with the purchase of a thoroughbred Kathiawar. Since 1964 we have been breeding versatile well educated horses who can excel in any discipline.

Today 7 generations later, although we have bred only about 56 horses or ponies, we have had 14 international level competing endurance horses, and 3 international level dressage horses. Our horses also work in harness, dance, help on the farm, jump, and do whatever we ask of them. We educate them cooperatively to be relaxed, delightful companions who like their work, their play, and their education. Their behaviors are constantly monitored. The first behavioral studies on domestic horses were done at the stud, where the horses’ physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs were outline and the first experiments on cooperative teaching developed and personalities studied. The Druimghigha Stud horses comprise the longest-running behavioral study of a group of horses, their minds, cultures and personalities. This has resulted in 5 books and over 50 scientific publications.

Oberlix (left), Marthe, Shemal and foal all doing the Spanish Walk. The foal is imitating his mother showing true imitation. This was the first time that human/horse imitation was documented. All 4 of us are all doing the Spanish walk: the foal imitates his mother (left front foot just being replaced on the ground after an exaggerated lift) in a “novel act”.

With the horses’ help, we run workshops and a 6-month certificate, or 1-year diploma in Equine Welfare, Cooperative Teaching & Equitation. Over the years,  we have had 100’s of students from all over the world.

Our horses live in family groups, but can also be kept stabled. The foals become familiar with humans and other horses from a few days old in order to learn to socialize & learn from others. The youngsters are taken on expeditions from a few months old to ensure they have experience of many things, and to begin to establish body and mind fitness. They live outside or in yards if the weather is bad, as they choose. They are tough, resilient, well educated, versatile and very easy to teach and handle who take pleasure in their contact with others of different species.

Oberlix (left),  Shindi and Lilka socializing in the field

We have recently relocated from a high mountain farm in the South of France to a small Ecological Farm/Wildlife Reserve on Exmoor.  The farm  and stud is developing to integrate wildlife, efficient food production and allow all species to have a life of quality. We have Open Days and Volunteer Days from time to time.

Relocating the stud over Exmoor. 

In 1999,  for 9 months, we took Oberlix (a pure Arab stallion) and Shemal  (his PBArab daughter) on a Sabbatical journey of over 2,000 km camping all around France while conducting workshops and doing displays. Living as a foursome mutually dependent opened our eyes to the knowledge of the world that horses have. We all had a  wealth of experiences and a great time.

 The longevity of our horses is remarkable, the average life length for all horses conceived, born and living on the stud is 22 years to date; even though they have to work hard. 

We sell our own home-bred horses when they have achieved primary and/or secondary school, and are ready to go further, and only to people who care, appreciate them and stay in touch.

Our young stallion: Druimghigha Larikan  ( 4 years AHSSB) will be competing in pleasure rides and dressage this year, and at stud for a few mares. Our competing stallions are well educated socially and therefore run loose with the mares, so there is no rape and no drugs, and the mares can choose to be covered or not. We have a 98% success rate for first season conception and no covering injuries to date. Enquire for stud fee.

We are looking for some outstanding person to train as stud manager, gradually take over the stud,  and ride well in competitive endurance as we are slowly retiring.

You are welcome to arrange a visit,  and we also take volunteers and students.

We now have the 7th generation of  The Druimghigha Stud. Our main competitive disciplines are Endurance,  and Dressage as a means to riding and communicating better. This stud was one of the first UK endurance studs and has possibly produced more international competing and winning horses than others.

The best known horses are:-


Baksheesh  AASB ( Harwood Asif  x  Syringa)  stallion 16hh , twice winter of the AHS marathon & 50 mile endurance races  in the 1970’s.


Aisha Evans  PBA ( Baksheesh x Aderin: Welsh mountain pony)mare 13.2hh. Unbeaten in endurance: 160k*** and Best Condition at Ludlow,  Scottish  Endurance Champion (2 x 80k). Druimghigha Shiraz PBA (Baksheesh x Sheba) mare 15.2hh.  80k* winner, 3rd marathon, Prix St George Dressage, 1st versatile horse.  Druimghigha  Shereen  PBA ( Baksheesh x Sheba) 15.3hh.  80k*, winner AHS Marathon, Advanced level Dressage & winner Versatile horse. Druimghigha Shere Khan  PBA (Cariff x Shereen ). Gelding. 15.2 hh. Grade 1 in 40 to 80k CTR’s. Short-listed for British Olympic Paraplegic dressage team.

Omeya   AHSSB ( Gengi x Zumana) mare 15.1hh. 7th 160k***, 3nd  AHS Marathon.  Many grade 1’s in CTR’s.

Druimghigha Omen AHSSB  ( Cariff x Omeya) Gelding. 16 hh Grade A jumper.


Druimghigha OberlixAHSSB. Pure Crabbet Arab (Aboud x Omeya  15hh). Stallion 15 hh.  ***160k 6th,  winner 4 80m 1* in England & France, 3rd Red Dragon 160k***, 2nd & 3rd  AHS marathon.  Ridden 2000 + kms around France(2000),  International  FEI dressage Intemediare1( one before Grand Prix).  Prince Charming in Farm Fantasia  TV multi-species ballet Sleeping Beauty.

Duimghigha Shiera  PBA (Cariff x Shereen mare. 15.2hh. 160*** in British  Endurance team for 2/3 years.   

Druimghigha Shemal PBA (Oberlix x Shiraz ) 15.2.hh mare.  Winner  AHS marathon 2000, winner  1* 80k races and endurance competitions in France. Winner Prix St George dressage. Sleeping Beauty in TV  “Farm Fantasia”, (1996) and Ginger in Black Beauty multi-species ballets ( 2013). First equine subject for research on cooperative teaching and animal minds. Age 28 still competing in  International dressage and 25 mile CTR’s. 

Druimghigha Shindi. PBA (Oberlix x Shereen) mare  15.3hh . Winner 4 80/90k* in France & Advanced Medium dressage.      


Druimghigha Luxor. AHSSB  ( Oberlix x Lilka) 14.3.hh, gelding. In British International Endurance team 2/3 years.

Druimghigha Shimoni PBA.  (Druimghigha Oryx x Shiraz)  Gelding  15.2hh. 4th Marathon 2017, Grade 1 in CTR’s up to 80k..

Druimghigha Lantana  AHSSB (Oberlix x Lilka)  14.2. mare). In British International Endurance team 2/3 years.


Lilka  Pure Arab. AHSSB (Edeon  x Lilifere ). 14.2hh. Winner  80* & 120k ** & Won Florac 160k

2012. France.  Grade 1 Red Dragon 40k aged 20.

Druimghigha Shatish  PBA (D.Oryx x  Shemal) , 15.3 gelding.  Winner  8  vitesse controlle, France: 40-80km, 2nd Prix St George Dressage, 2018. Dances, teaches, works on the land and in harness. 2nd Cairngorms 80k.  2nd  Red Dragon 2019: 80 +80Km 2 days, Best home bred horse and 2nd team event  with stud team:  D.Shimoni, D.Shatish D.Lantana & Lilka 2019.

Druimghigha Sherpa She PBA ( D.Oryx x Shereen, 15.3. mare. Qualified young endurance championship Uzes France. 2nd Cairngorms 80k. race.

Druimghigha Liaison. French Arab Horse Society Stud Book. Stallion. 15hh ( Indian Diaksik ( Persik line)  x Lilka)  at stud in France.

Druimghigha Larikan AHSSB.  (Indian Diaksik (Persik line) x D.Lanyu)  15hh at stud in UK (Exmoor).


FOR SALE. Druimghigha Shakti PBA (D.Oryx x S.Shindi 2019) 15.3.  Dark bay lovely filly. Cooperatively taught, lunged ,free schooled, backed. A delightful companion, friend and potential champion. A superb filly. 

FOR SALE Druimghigha Shebang PBA. (Larikan x Shindi)  gelding growing +/- 15.1hh Bay.  Free schooled, lunged, lovely action potential champion. 

Druimghigha Shemal (left mare) and Oberlix (stallion) riding around with no bits, bridles, or head collars.
Oberlix in the snow in the Pre Alps.
A break in a ballet lesson ridden with NO head gear. Left to right Oberlix, Shindi, Lantana (2 yrs) & Shemal.
Lilka and Chris being presented with the amateur championship  160*** at Florac, 2015.
Druimghgha Sherba She (left) and Druimghigha Shatish at the Cairngorms 100k race in 2017.